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Verd's Market

The old homestead

A lot of people never knew that Verd and Lucile lived right next door to the fruitstand, nor that the house was built using some interesting methods and contractors.

The house next door to the fruitstand holds a special place in all our hearts. The house started as a basement home for Verd and Lucile, and was later expanded to include an upstairs as the family continued to grow. The foundation was built during a time when concrete forms were not available (I think it was because they were building Geneva Steel at the time), and so a frame was built using boards, and you can still see the knot holes from the boards in the cement. Lucile is credited with pulling the wiring for the whole house, even though she had no experience wiring a house, and most of that original wiring is still in place.

The home was always treated as a sanctuary, and employees were rarely allowed into the house. Lucile would take a brake during the day and lay down in the bedroom to recharge her batteries, but had a doorbell installed with a button in the fruitstand so she could be called if she was needed. We were all a bit afraid every time we had to push that button. 

The house is now empty, and for sale as part of the overall property.

Written by Jared on Thursday December 11, 2014
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