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Verd's Market

The end of an era...

I got a call from mom the other day telling me that the stand, house, and cooler (#3) had been torn down. Even though I expected it, I was not really prepared for the flood of memories and emotions that were almost overwhelming. 

So, Verd's is officially gone, never to return, at least not with the same buildings and history that it had when I worked there in the 1970's and 1980's. The buildings have been torn down to make way for something Orem needs even more than fresh fruits, locally grown vegetables, and penny candy; another used car lot. Sadly, that is what Orem has come to, and with Verd's closing and demolition, there are now fewer historic places where someone can revisit the agricultural past that was Orem, Utah. Admittedly, not as many lives were touched by Verd's as say, Geneva Steel, but Verd's was an integral part of Orem, and I will certainly miss being able to at least see the buildings. 

Fairfarren, Alice...

Written by Jared on Tuesday October 4, 2016
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