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Verd's Market

My first memory of Verd's

New guest post from Kathryn Richardson, daughter to Lucile and Verd (and mom to me) sharing her first memory of Verd's

The first memory I have of Verd's is standing on the dirt section of the two lane road that my mother referred to as "Highway 91 aaaand hollering my head off for my mother to come and help me across the road. That was the deal, if I wanted to play with my best friend LeeAnn Colledge, I had to have help back across the highway. And so I would yell. I would yell so loud that my mother who was killing and dressing chilkens back in the Barn at the end of the property before the fields began,  could hear my little 5 year old voice. I could see the Fruit Stand very well from this side of the highway aaaaand it was just magical even then. All those baskets of fruit, giant wooden watermelon bins, cantaloupe crates, stacks of wooden apple boxes and cardboard liquor boxes to transfer the fresh fruit into, signs made on white butcher paper stuck on boards.

My mom would come walking through the gravel lane between the house and the wooden garage wiping her hands on her already wet apron to walk across the two lane highway and help me across.

Written by Kate on Friday September 16, 2016
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