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Verd's Market


The end of an era...

I got a call from mom the other day telling me that the stand, house, and cooler (#3) had been torn down. Even though I expected it, I was not really prepared for the flood of memories and emotions that were almost overwhelming. 

Written by Jared on Tuesday October 4, 2016
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The old homestead

A lot of people never knew that Verd and Lucile lived right next door to the fruitstand, nor that the house was built using some interesting methods and contractors.

Written by Jared on Thursday December 11, 2014
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There was a door between the front of the fruitstand and the back, where the penny candy was stored. This door was decorated with all manner of signs that had been collected by Lucile and Verd over the many years they had been there. 

Written by Jared on Wednesday August 6, 2014
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