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Verd's Market


Verd's has been a landmark on State Street in Orem, Utah since 1935 when Verd and Lucile Richardson opened a road-side stand to sell the fruit they were growing in their orchards. Verd's closed a few years ago, but we are bringing you all the knowledge Verd and Lucile used to share with their customers. 

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Latest entries

Are your mom and dad still fighting?

One of the most amazing things about Verd was that he could talk to anyone about anything. That wasn't just true with adults, but also with kids, especially ones that wanted to buy fireworks.  Verd spent a lot if …

Lucile's World Famous Hubbard Squash Pie

This is the pie that everyone raves about at Thanksgiving. It is basically a pumpkin pie, but using hubbard squash gives it something extra.  The pie is basically a custard, so give it plenty of time to firm up …

Grandma Vernon's Honey Cookies

These are Kate's favorite cookies that her Grandma Vernon use to make. These will come out of the oven looking flat. Ingredients: 1 cup Honey 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup shortening 2 eggs 3 …

Linda's Rolls

It just wouldn't be the holidays without Aunt Linda's dinner rolls. These delicious, warm, flaky rolls will make you hop for joy. Well, maybe just your tummy. Ingredients: 1 1 ⁄ 2 C. water, boiling 3⁄4 C. shortenin…

Lucile's Bread

Grandma Lucile was an amazing baker, and when she found time to bake bread she would make four or five loaves, because she knew they would be gone quickly with the grandkids around... Ingredients:  1/2 gallon …

Raisin Bread (Urasian Bread)

This one comes from the in-laws. We call it Urasian Bread because of a mis-hearing of "Your raisin bread" over a phone line. This is one of my favorite breads, the raisins are gooey and the bread is spicy and delicious.…